Replica Cartier Revives The Pasha

The latest generation of Replica Pasha de Cartier comes in two sizes. 36mm and 41mm, available in stainless steel or gold. The two look similar, the only difference is that the date window of the 41mm version is located between four o’clock and five o’clock.

The new model lacks a diving bezel, which is the main feature of Pasha. For some time, its appearance is very clean and powerful, especially in combination with the bold blue hilt. The Cartier Replica watch has both a leather strap and a newly designed bracelet.

Another important new feature is that you can personalize your Pasha by adding a small engraving below the crown link. Both sizes are powered by the automatic manufacturing movement 1847MC movement.

The new series also includes two stunning skeleton Pasha. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet and an alligator leather strap. For those who want its skeleton to be more complicated, does Luxury Cartier Replica also provide Pasha with a flying tourbillon?

This complication is particularly prominent at the six o’clock position, giving the Fake Cartier watch a completely different character. With its gold case, it exudes precious exclusivity and perfectly matches the glamorous Pasha design.

Replica Santos de Cartier Chronograph Perfect For Welcoming The Summer Season

The summer of meteorology has begun, so it is time to formally reconsider the joy of this season. Short sleeves are often the clothes we wear at this time of year, which places more emphasis on the replica watches on our wrists.

The “La Maison” watch was created with the help of the Replica Santos de Cartier chronograph. All of its classic features are known for being so famous, and they use exquisite sports suits.

There seems to be no buttons on both sides of the crown, and most chronographs must operate their complexity. Luxury Cartier Replica replaced only one on the left to start and stop the chronograph, while pressing the crown to reset it. Very novel, and more importantly, very easy to use.

Our favorite version in the summer is the version that combines the stainless steel case with the black ADLC frame and rubber strap. The Fake Cartier water resistance is up to 100 meters, and it is not afraid of water, so it is very suitable for wearing when enjoying water in summer.