Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Grande Complex Watch

The Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Grande complex was launched last year at SIHH in 2015. The watch debuted as the most sophisticated Cartier Replica Watches ever. After countless impressive and unique companies are committed to pushing the boundaries of the watchmaking industry – just think that Cartier ID2 sees a vacuum or Astrocalendaire – Cartier really intends to show his skills and skills诀窍Low produces more traditional fragments of the manufacturer. The result was a 578-part symphony that took five years to complete and took 15 weeks.

To really understand how far Cartier has been as a watch manufacturer, let’s take a look at the history of this company. The Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Grande complex is considered an important symbol of the brand’s timeline and a key sign of the brand’s transformation from a jewelry manufacturer to a company that produces some more sophisticated mechanical watches. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has been designing high-end jewellery for nearly 170 years. Since the introduction of the square-framed Santos prototype watch in 1904 (commented here), they have been in the watch field for a shorter period of time. Since then, Cartier’s mechanical watches have used Jaeger (Jaeger-lecoultre since 1937), Audemars Piguet, Piaget. And of course ETA.

Ultimately able to offer a wider range of in-house production diameters, the watch Cartier Replica 2001 La-Chaux-de-Fonds has established advanced manufacturing and was further expanded in 2007, so this vertical integration facility (which means the necessary components) It is made up of an absolute majority) also includes the watch development department. In the same year, Cartier’s parent company, Richemont SA, acquired Roger Dubuis, a manufacturer of the Geneva plant, which is the producer of the Geneva Seal Movement. Because in order to obtain the seal of Geneva, it must not only meet certain strict aesthetic (now timing) requirements, but also be manufactured in the Canton of Geneva, Cartier moved 10 major watchmakers here.

This led to the complexity of the Cartier Big Turntable because this is the latter device where all the movements are here. The internal 9406 MC calibre consists of 578 parts, each of which takes 10 weeks to decorate all parts according to the Geneva Sealing Standard and is assembled for another 5 weeks.

Features include a flying tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, and a one-minute repeater, any of which, taken alone, is an impressive feat of watchmaking. Although there is no consensus or golden rule to follow, in general, watches are called major complications, and their set characteristics include one of the following complications: an astronomical complication (eg, perpetual calendar), a coordinated complication (minute transponder) , sonnerie) and stopwatch functions (chronometer or instant chronograph).

The work we are seeing now is indeed very complicated, but in the traditional sense, it misses a grand complexity because there is no timing function. Is this really the most complicated problem in the history of Fake Cartier Watches? Of course not – especially when we consider that Cartier has packaged all the complications of 9406 MC in a bone movement of only 5.5 mm thick. This is very thin, in part by replacing the full-size rotor with an automatic winding that uses a micro-rotor for caliber.

A fascinating detail that anyone who only lists complex and complex features can ignore is the size of the micro-rotor, so it is questionable. In the picture above, you will see that it is very small and thin – even with the standard of the micro-rotor – which of course does not help, when you consider the low winding efficiency of these small rotors in motion. In addition, although the thickness of 5.5 mm is an amazing achievement for the sport itself, it is unbelievable if it is not because of automatic winding, it will be thinner. Anyway, the 9406 MC caliber runs at 3 Hz (21,600 beats per hour) and has a power reserve of 50 hours (or a full two days, then some) – again, impressive things for such complex and thickness movements .

The 45 mm wide Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Grande has a complex design that looks bold on the wrist, but it is also very commensurate with its thin frame, intricate size and shape, and a total thickness of 12.6 mm. We are pleased to see that Swiss Cartier Watches is one of the few brands, most of which have truly consistent design DNA, which does not sacrifice aesthetics and wear resistance for mechanical complexity.

Thanks to the heavy skeleton dial, the dial still has a marked flange ring, a clearly visible sub-dial, and a set of breguet-style hands that may be too thin. Basically, every function of the Cartier Grand Carousel can be passed. Seen on the back of the dial or crystal case. Fortunately, the days when the six-digit price watch did not dare to show off the results of the decoration work in the past few days are gone.

The case is made of 950 platinum and has a black alligator strap with a double adjustable 18k white gold strap. The crown with beads and a huge sapphire Kapok is a unique design element of Cartier. Although the beading and sapphire are more conspicuous on the bracelet of the Rotonde de Cartier collection, their crowns are similar. The silver, sun-brushed dial blends well with the sporty effect it displays, and the blue steel hands provide a nice contrast and add a pop color. Although no one may participate in Cartier’s big turntable swimming competition, its waterproof ability can reach 30 meters.

The watches produced by Cartier are designed to make all these complicated tasks clear and submitted to the Geneva seal inspection and certification application, which shows that they can stand face to face with the elite of traditional Swiss watch manufacturers. In addition to this special watch, the popularity of this watch in the high-end market is rising, which probably reflects their movement in the entry-level market, which is where the company will occupy most of its sales.

Buyers care about the source of sports watches and shopping at the fierce $10,000 mark. Doing things often considers any brand’s “forbidden zone”, and Cartier has always been in a strong and unique halo-pieces – just like those we mentioned above Further. Cartier’s Rotonde de Cartier Grand complex is a recognition of traditional timepieces, and having such a complex internal movement certainly helps to strengthen the reputation of a person who claims to be a noble watchmaker.

For any uncertainty what it is, the Geneva Seal, or Poincon de Geneva is a concept for further exercise, the bearing seals are engraved on a plate and are sealed to the strict standards of Geneva – in turn, see here, need Hard renovation works on all visible and invisible components. We do not cover all 12 inspection standards; in the final analysis, we must ensure that the movement process and all components meet certain standards.

Since June 2012, this seal has also included an accuracy test that puts a watch with a case on the machine for seven days, simulating the wearing process of the watch. After 7 days of testing, the deviation of each watch should not exceed 1 minute. It’s about 9 seconds a day, which is much looser than COSC’s requirements – but then, the submitted watches are usually very complicated, and, ironically, but not surprisingly, their accuracy is certain Will be lower.

In addition to its stunning appearance and attention to detail after careful observation, the striking clever layout and compact sport size need to be appreciated. Regardless of its more modern feat – you know what they are: busy dials, ambiguous readability, and substantial form factors – Cartier really tries to show their ability to try traditional watches. A few steps back from the Astro watch, the mystery ieuse watch and the Crash watch – all with great internal movements – are the masterpiece of Cartier’s planners, bringing them here and making it very exciting Exalted to carry it out.

The Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Grande complex is a very important goal for the brand, as it further demonstrates the manufacturing capabilities as a halo component. As the name “Grand” in the title should imply, the result of five years of research and development and months of production is a huge price tag: the price of the Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Grande complex is $620,000.

Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Mystery Moment Skeleton Watch

As the world of watches is ready for the 2017 de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), Cartier has quietly begun to announce plans for their annual luxury watch show in Geneva. Although they are no strangers to the high-end watchmaking industry, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is known for its rich history, which produces and sells a wide range of luxury goods. Still, we all know that there are always more stories on their watches. In 2017, Cartier released a series of ambitious watches, including Cartier’s Rotonde De De Cartier mystery Hour Skeleton Watch. While presenting Cartier’s classic mysterious watch design elements, this watch takes a universally conservative watch concept to a new field.

At first glance, we see that the watch is based on the brand’s Rotonde de Cartier design. You will find that there are no tourbillons, no repeaters that count every second, and a richly crafted work that will surely surprise anyone who manages to get it. Although the watch is not necessarily sporty, Cartier Replica Watches has announced that the palladium case will be 42 mm in diameter, making it quite generous and comfortable for most wearers. In addition, a 11.9 mm thick watch should have no problem in terms of balance. In the interior of the watch, the Cartier’s caliber 9983 MC hand roll movement was defeated, which is quite obvious thanks to the extensive bone formation and also constitutes a set of Roman numeral hour markers.

At 9 o’clock, we had a large indexing plate that proudly built according to the design of the Cartier Replica mysterious clock that began more than a century ago. It consists of two small sapphire discs with white hands and nothing else. Each disc is fixed in motion and is independent of the other track to indicate time and minutes. Although the idea seems simple, Cartier seems to keep the details behind the mechanism secret. Therefore, although a large amount of movement is visible, the connection with those mysterious sapphire discs is relatively vague. It is this combination of privacy and open aesthetics that makes this watch stand out at the SIHH 2017 conference.

Another noteworthy feature is the Kabohsi sapphire crown, which is Cartier’s classic. To a certain extent, it links the entire design and subtly reminds the wearer that this is a gorgeous high-end Fake Cartier Watches from a brand that truly dominates the world of jewelry. The watch is worn with a black alligator strap and is priced at $75,000 at the time of this writing.

Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Mysterious Moment Bone Watch Hands

I have always had a special liking for Cartier’s hand, especially high-end watches. The unique blending techniques, design, and traditional Parisian luxury make them feel both conservative and full of personality. Cartier’s Rotonde de Cartier (debut) is a good example, when you want a more fancy than most of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches, but not so exotic, so often What do you need to look for when you wear the challenging Cartier.

Cartier Replica Watches recently announced that their Haute Horlogerie watch division will significantly slow down production – as far as I know, the department will focus on being more practical and convenient (ie simple, less complex) ) on the high-end watch. Exotic tourbillons and high-tech and original sports brands have received many accolades for transforming existing watches and producing small quantities of very unique watches that are becoming less and less common, and I believe they will pay more attention than novels. Decorative movement or mechanism.

This leads me to believe that, in most cases, in addition to the “unique” watch for special customers, the Cartier Mystery Hour Skeleton is likely to represent Cartier Replica. The top product for men. The watch is a combination of Cartier’s three existing items, including the Rotonde-style case, the “mystery” movement of the hour and minute hands on a transparent plane, and most importantly, the internal skeletonized caliber 9981 ( Become a caliber 9983) manual winding motion.

This watch is more or less representative of Cartier’s desire to take full advantage of its mobile features and provide them in different situations. For example, if you like the skeleton of the mysterious moment, but prefer the Cartier round watch, they will prepare a watch for you in Cle de Cartier’s Cle de Cartier (this is a personal experience) . The “non-skeleton” version of the Cartier mysterious moment skeleton watch is actually the first model to launch this style of “mystery dial movement” in 2013 (here to experience the mysterious moment of Cartier).

The history of this design dates back to the clocks produced by Fake Cartier Watches in the early 20th century. At the time, some brands (including Cartier) produced mysterious dial clocks that became fashionable. Many of these Art Deco-style pieces are created when creating an interesting optical illusion in the hands that are not mounted on the turntable through the stem cells as in traditional viewing, but mounted on a transparent plate, the hidden transmission itself features used to dial to move it.

The mysterious watch of bones is ironic because the bones are a bit “destroyed” by mystery. I didn’t see anyone commenting on this, but it won’t stop me from having a pleasant experience with such a product. In fact, if you like the original mysterious moment watch, but want to “see more”, then this framework version may be right for you. It’s worth noting that the privilege of having a skeletonized mysterious and complex watch will cost $15,000 more than a non-boned watch.

The 42mm wide palladium (which I believe is currently the only one) Cartier’s “mysterious moment” skeleton is as wearable and comfortable as any model of the Rotonde de Cartier. The reason for palladium? Good question; Best Cartier Replica Watches may want to know if you think that rare and rare materials are unique. The French-style round dial, a bit (even if it is Switzerland), its iconic Cartier-style crown and sapphire crystal stone is convex (note that Cartier used to be mainly convex blue sapphire crystal, only its High-end models get sapphire these days and more mainstream-intention models of blue spinel), and attractive, rounded borders with lugs.

Compared to Cartier Cle’s “Mystery Moment” bone fossils, the Rotonde model’s caliber MC 9983 bone fossils are even more… Cartier wants to ensure that the “open” look of the sport matches the open look of the dial. In essence, the goal seems to be to let the user see through the watch as much as possible. I think the results are very cute, except those who don’t like to regularly look at the hair and skin on their arms.

The device uses two sapphire crystal plates with both hands fixed on it. There is a traditional mounting system in the middle, where the central axes of the two sapphire crystal discs are connected together. The gears on the right side of the hour and minute hands move the discs, which in turn move the hand. All of these, as well as partial movements, are hand-finished plates that include “structural” Roman numerals. The overall look is very good, but this is not the decorative style that people usually consider when making mechanical watch movements. Cartier chose a more modern, masculine look because of its unique aesthetic on the dial and case.

The entire watch has a thickness of 11.9 mm (also 42 mm wide) and is bold and can be worn in the sleeves. If there is a luxury watch for those who like mechanical sports, such as Cartier’s mysterious watch, it is it. You get the power of a well-known name, many real timepiece techniques, and exquisite design, along with an enviable mechanical movement on your wrist.

Cartier therefore wisely “mixes and mixes” its movements and casings to provide customers with the widest look and style. Compared with many other luxury watch brands, Cartier can be said to be in a more favorable position to ask for the price of a watch from a luxury car. As we all know, the popularity of luxury brands is directly related to the price of a brand. Therefore, as one of the few watch brands that have been considered for marketing and overall brand awareness, Cartier may more reasonably require the Cartier mystery watch to retail for $75,000.