Cartier Secret Panda Watch

This cute ladies watch from Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is known as the “secret panda.” I don’t often use the word “cute” to describe a watch, but this one is definitely. This 18k pure gold panda baby is set with diamonds, black sapphires and two emeralds, and the eyes look like wearing a watch. Slide the humpback panda down and you will know the time. You can even move the panda back and forth quickly, making it look like it is moving fast. I like this kind of thing.

Cartier Replica Watches made a lot of “secret” watches. This means that something hides the time display panel that the wearer must manually display. Why do these exist? They are indeed the remnants of gender discrimination. It is very unfair for a woman to wear a watch in the past. Why does she need to know when her male partner is tracking these things? The secret watch was developed to allow women to get time in the form of some kind of jewelry or other non-watch decoration.

According to the design, the secret panda watch does not look like a watch. The black ribbon is not so much a watch as a decorative bracelet. But pull the humpback panda down and you’ll see an irregular, cute Cartier Replica dial – and more diamonds. The panda bear is the focus of the watch. I don’t know why, but French luxury brands are especially good at creating incredibly cute little animals with jewellery coats. This applies to brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron. Black and white pandas with green eyes are no exception. Despite being covered by gems, the happy expression of his happy hunchback face did not completely disappear. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the “exclusive” price tag for these artworks, which means they can only be owned by a few people.

The overall design of Cartier Secret Panda combines the panda bear’s innocent charm with an Art Deco strap and an 18k white gold dial. Inside the watch is a simple Swiss quartz movement that only shows time. Although not a high-end watch, it is a refreshing luxury watch. Although not a limited edition, works like this tend to experience fairly limited production and are usually only produced on demand. Just need a hunchback panda watch, Fake Cartier Watches will be happy to help you. Really cute… the price is over $75,000.