Cartier Santos Skeleton Replica WIth Black or grey alligator

Cartier expanded the Santos line this year with a new chronograph and a new dial finish with the Santos Gradient Blue, but the coolest addition was undoubtedly the Luxury Replica Santos Skeleton ADLC “Noctambule”. It has luminous paint on the skeletonised movement that glows in the dark.

All-black classic

Santos “Noctambule” is the leader in this series, combining Cartier’s iconic skeleton movement, luminous bottom plate and sporty all-black Santos case.

The shell is stainless steel treated with amorphous diamond-like carbon. ADLC is a hard coating made of diamond, which can improve the scratch resistance of the shell, although it will not make the shell scratch resistant. As in the case of the Cartier Replica Watch ADLC coating, the surface is dark, dark gray instead of pure black, which matches well with the silver gray of the movement.

The skull watch is the symbol of Cartier, especially when the dial and bridge are hollowed out to form Roman numerals. Roman numerals are a typical element of Cartier watches, as well as sword-shaped hands.

When fully charged and lit in the dark, the Cheap Swiss Fake Cartier watch is stunning, but the similar shapes of the hands and Roman numerals may make them indistinguishable.

In terms of decoration, the movement is very meticulous, with vertical brushing on its top surface, echoing the surface of the case, and beveling on all bridges and bottom plates. The finishing is very well done, although it is undoubtedly done with mechanical tools, it is not very noticeable due to the darker color of the movement.

Cartier Introduces the Replica Santos de Cartier ADLC

The new version of Santos has restored the appearance of Cartier Santos 100 ADLC Replica, which is the first time the brand has used amorphous diamond-like carbon as a case coating. ADLC is a nanocomposite coating that has properties similar to diamonds, including high corrosion resistance and scratch resistance, which improves the robustness of the case.

Just like the skeleton ADLC “octagonal star”, Santos ADLC is only suitable for the largest LM case. The case has a height of 47.5 mm x 39.8 mm and a height of 9.38 mm. It is a large but relatively thin replica watch. It is available in two versions: all black ADLC coated steel or two-color steel with ADLC frame.

Although the size of the case is the same as the standard Luxury Cartier Santos Replica, the appearance of the case of the new model is low-key. The frosted bezel, instead of the mirror polish on the standard model, only polishes the bevel of the edge of the case.

The stainless steel model has a dark gray dial that matches the shadow of the ADLC coating on the bezel. Although the Swiss Fake Cartier dial is monochromatic, it appears to be two tones due to the surface treatment-the inner dial is brushed vertically, which echoes the surface treatment on the bezel, which abuts the radially brushed chapter ring.

Like last year’s Santos Chronograph XL and the early Santos 100, both Replica Watches are equipped with rubber straps to mimic the links of the Santos bracelet and are equipped with actual screws. However, each option comes with an additional option. The stainless steel watch is equipped with a real stainless steel bracelet, the bracelet and link have a quick release mechanism, and the all black ADLC version of the bracelet is equipped with a matte black alligator leather strap.