Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Tourbillon Watch Chronograph Watch

At SIHH 2014, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches presented some new works very impressive. From a technical point of view, one of my personal favorite, following the traditional and interesting way is the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Taubir Rotating Mechanism chronograph . SIHH 2015 is coming soon, this is a good time to revisit this piece, maybe prepare yourself, we are likely to see the brand in the coming year.

In the past few years, Cartier Replica Watches has stepped up the game and started to equip and manufacture watches. The exclusive movement into the world begins with super-complex pipe diameters – such as Astrotourbillon carbon crystals or ID and ID2 watches. The number of follow-ups – relatively easy to watch includes a timepiece or a simple date diameter. Rotonde de Cartier’s Robbin Rotating Mechanism chronographs act as a super-high end of bridge manufacturing – a largely unproductive low producer and a more conventional collection. Let’s take a look at this mixed work.

The Rotonde de Cartier Turon Rotary Mechanism chronograph made it on the cover and said: its hand-wound movement provides a one-minute Tauber rotating mechanism exposed to the dial at 9 o’clock, a 30-minute counter counter at 3 and 6. The most popular power reserve indicator to help track the impressive eight-day reserve power of the sport. Still so impressive – although there is no breakthrough feature list, there is another reason why this sport is interesting.

Sports a fresh and unique layout of hand-wound chronographs, thanks to the large Cartier-marked bridge ensuring the chronograph’s wheels, and the busy arrangement of highly polished cameras, levers, and of course a cylindrical gear in the lower left part of the case. Beyond the layout of the components, which makes the caliber 9438 MC more unique, it is actually not a sport designed and manufactured by Cartier Replica interior, but they come from APR&P (Audenique Renaud & Dad we visited recently).

Consisting of 318 parts, the movement is 34.6 mm wide and 8.15 mm thick, running 3 Hz (21600 vibrations per hour). The larger movement makes a larger example: 45 mm in diameter and 16.4 in thickness, the Rotonde de Fake Cartier Watches style is as great as ever. In contrast, the Rotonde de Cartier “small complication” (first time) date and power reserve of 8.94 mm thick, completely casing. 18 k rose gold and the distinctive logo of Cartier’s convex to the crown, the Rotonde de Cartier’s chronograph of the Taubir rotating mechanism is certainly not the most agile-looking iteration Rotonde – but the price is mechanical complexity and extensive power reserve .

The mono-chromatic dial, the dismissal of the French blue hand and the splash of gold exposed on the opening of the 9th, borrowed a rather serious piece. Due to the relatively small diameter of the movement sub-dials sit very close to each other, allowing the use of bold Roman numerals on the dial. Given the compact size of the 9438 caliber, you may be wondering why a 45 mm wide, fat case is necessary – a smaller case would make the sub-dials at least seem far away, and the watch itself is a highly complex watch. Relatively small for a smaller scale.

A simple answer is related to thickness. Brand watches try to achieve an acceptable ratio of width and thickness, in fact, the small and thick watch wears a lot more than its diameter.

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier’s Robbin Rotating Mechanism chronograph is undoubtedly a niche offering – interestingly, it is also unusual in the collection, the movement of the bearing, not exactly in line with Cartier’s direction of internal movement. However, it is very nice to see the main production of a large amount of resources devoted to the use of external experts’ knowledge of the proprietary pipe – usually they are pleasantly surprised with the really interesting things, we work behind the scenes by giving crazy clock scientists. One of the shining examples is Carol Forestier-Kasapi, the director of Swiss Cartier Watches, a watch planner who has worked with APR&P in her early days. Limited to fifty, the Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Turon is rotating at $135,000 or $163,000.

Cartier Rotonde Chronograph Watch Review

Cartier’s current watch collection has some cute timers (actually very few), but the company is not known for producing too many timers. Think of classic tanks or Santos, or other box shapes that help define the classic French (Swiss-made) luxury company, whose products are often part of an elegant lifestyle. In fact, if you think of the most classic Cartier Replica Watches, they only represent time. Despite this, recently, the timing mode has begun to find new directions on Cartier watches, such as the new Cartier circular timing mode, and even the mechanical timing mode built in Cartier.

This movement is the Cartier 1904-CH MC automatic calibre (calibre), which I believe was first made in 2013 when Cheap Cartier Replica Watches introduced the calibre chronograph (also known as the watch). As a beautiful classic car, the 1904-CH MC is a refreshing modern timekeeping exercise designed for functionality and practicality – with an attractive level of decoration, although it is “bulk Production” movement. I like to see this movement through a sapphire crystal window on the back of the box.

The 1904-CH MC consists of 269 parts and 5.72 mm thick. The movement operates at 4 Hz (28,800 bph) with 48 hours of power reserve between the two barrels of oil and, of course, automatic winding. The timer has a cylindrical roller for up to 12 hours. This makes the layout of the 1904-CH MC movement a bit unique – even if it is a dual compax chronograph with only two small dials, it can still measure 12 hours. Typically, a timer with only two dials uses one for running seconds and the other for counting minutes (usually up to 30 minutes). Here, however, Fake Cartier Watches decided to remove the running second hand and replace it with a 12-hour timer. I appreciate this decision because it adds more useful features to Cartier’s rotation timer. If you really want to measure the number of seconds, all you have to do is activate the timer.

There is also a 6 o’clock window on the dial. I really appreciate their perfection and symmetry in everything on Cartier’s rotating timer. Cartier watches are usually well-proportioned (although some of their most interesting watches today do not have a symmetrical dial), and Cartier’s Rotonde Chronograph benefits. More importantly, in addition to the blue balloon watch, Cartier’s round chronograph is currently the most suitable “chronometer” for Swiss Cartier Watches. Frankly, I found it to be the most attractive choice. One – a Cartier circular chronograph on a steel case.

Exquisite chronographs are rare because chronographs are often associated with sports themes. Indeed, some historical sports chronograph watches have become more formal by today’s standards, but in essence, it is not uncommon to wear a chronograph watch, but it is certainly much less than a sports chronograph watch.

The round case is the perfect platform for the Cartier dress chronograph watch. In this iteration, the 40 mm wide box is 12.15 mm thick, here it is steel (water resistant 30 m). It is worth noting that Cartier Replica also offers a Cartier rotation timer in 18k rose gold and a limited edition 18k white gold version (with a cool blue and silver “Panda dial”). Although the precious metal versions are cute, they are more than twice the price of the steel plate, so the value proposition has dropped a lot considering the premium of gold.

Cartier’s Rotonde case design is very clever and is medium in size, but not small, because the case and ear are thick. The lugs are elegantly curved and the entire chassis tapers from the bottom to the bezel. It is very subtle enough to show very traditional, but the proportions and details of Cartier Rotonde are impressive, in my opinion. Cartier further chose the retro-style rectangular chronograph, and of course you will have a unique Cartier crown with beaded edges and blue spinel cabochon. Cartier also made some Caberon in sapphire crystal, but the spinel looks very similar. Since these two stones are synthetic, I am not sure if this is a cost issue or just a matter of ease of use.

What I want to say is that I not only like the Rotonde case, but also the Cartier Rotonde Chronograph version. The steel version of the Cartier Rotonde Chronograph has a silver dial with a slight texture with a black Roman numeral time stamp and a blue steel pomme-style hour and minute hand. The result is a very classic, very Cartier dial. Compared to some of the older Cartier brands, the logo looks more and more positive – but it may have been around for a while, and I’ve noticed it now.

Although there is no illuminator on the dial, the height contrast between the face and the hands provides a welcome readability. The extra layer depth is added to the thick, applied chapter ring around the dial, which means that Cartier’s turntable chronograph dial will not appear flat – this is often a problem with the dial dial. I don’t understand why Cartier’s Rotonde Chronograph, all the hands of the watch are the correct length, and on other Cartier watches, the hands are too short.

Attached to the case is a black alligator strap and Cartier’s standard unfolded strap that allows you to precisely adjust the strap size, but at the expense of some convenience, because it is painful, but once You carefully adjust the size of the strap from both ends and it becomes sturdy.

As a comfortable and attractive watch, its visual taste (and function) is stronger than a single-time watch. Cartier Rotonde Chronograph is a very practical everyday wear or office timer. It’s suitable for conservative, but also for those who like original design, but sometimes just want a very refined classic style. In steel, the CRWSRO0002 Cartier Rotonde Chronograph is $9,050. The number of the 18k rose gold number W1556238 is 23,700, and the number of the 18k white gold (300 pieces limited) W1556239 is numbered 25,400.

Cartier Panther Watches For Women Hands-On

When it comes to iconic patterns, no one has a black panther like Cartier Replica Watches. Jaquet Droz has his own bird. Omega has James Bond. But for Cartier, the leopard has been a real, recurring design theme since 1914, when Louis Cartier designed the company’s first watch with a leopard spot. “Theme of. The painting was inspired by a painting called Dame a la panthere, which was created by an elegantly dressed woman with a black panther at the foot. In the early 19th century, the panther was a popular symbol of femininity and elegance.

Since the first watch was introduced, the jaguar has been the subject of the company’s jewelry and watches, a recurring symbol of strength and elegance. It also defines Cheap Cartier Replica Watches and its high-end customers. Some of the more famous works include the bracelets and necklaces designed for Daisy Fellowes in 1931, depicting a jaguar wearing rubies and pearls. In 1948, Cartier made a brooch for the Duchess of Windsor, a black panther leaning on a huge emerald.

A year later, the Duchess custom-made a leopard-printed brooch that perched on a 152.35-carat sapphire cabochon, considered to be Jane Dusan, longtime designer of Fake Cartier Watches. (Jeanne Toussaint) masterpiece. Dusang is known as the “black panther” not only because she often uses the black panther pattern, but also because of her fearless style and awesome personality. Whenever a leopard appears in the Cartier collection, it will be retouched. In recent years, with the growing interest in metiers d’art and the opening of the new “Metiers d’arts House” by Cartier in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, this activity continues.

In the past few years, Cartier’s SIHH in Geneva has exhibited four to five special works for the first time. The leopard prints are decorated with diamonds, gems, enamels or inlays, and these spots are painted with agate or black lacquer. Strictly speaking, the panthers have no spots – all black – but Cartier’s panthers represent all wild cats, including leopards. Four Cartier Panther watches were launched this year.

The on-demand power reserve of the Cartier Pantheres and Colibri watches gives a large display of power reserve indicators. At the push of a button, a jaguar cub sticks out of the belly of the leopard mother (my colleagues gave it the nickname “Kangaroo Leopard”). Symbolically, the baby is chasing the golden hummingbird on the dial, which “flyes” to a point on the arc, indicating the remaining electricity reserve. This is undoubtedly the most creative and poetic power reserve indicator in history. There are several patents for this feature. This carved black panther has 270 diamonds with black spots and emerald eyes. The 42.75mm case is encrusted with 314 diamonds and the dial is encrusted with 11 black background diamonds. Black crocodile leather watch with a double adjustable folding clasp, 18k white gold, set with 43 diamonds. Cartier Pantheres et Colibri includes a manual winding diameter of 9915 MC, a 3-day power reserve.

Cartier Panthere mystery ieuse embodies two iconic Swiss Cartier Watches elements – the black panther and the mysterious movement. In these two mysterious movements, the hand is suspended between two sapphire crystals, driven by an invisible movement, so the hand It seems to float in the air. The black panther on this watch is perched around the bezel and seems to be tracking the dial. She was carved in 18k yellow gold with 533 diamonds. The eyes are made up of two pear-shaped emeralds, and the spots are black lacquer. The 40 mm case is set with 8 diamonds, the crown is set with 37 diamonds, and the black crocodile strap has buckles set with 43 diamonds, all round diamond cuts. This box is 8.5 mm thick. The Cartier Panthere mystery ieuse watch has a hand-made caliber 9981 MC with 158 parts. It works at 4Hz and has a 48-hour power reserve. It can also be paired with a gemstone bracelet.

The Cartier Particle Balloon is a limited edition of 30 pieces, which makes sense when you consider its workload. Each one takes a month to create, and only two people in Cartier Replica have the ability to create, so they can’t even create 30 in a year. It combines two skills: 珐琅 and ancient granulation art, traditionally made with gold balls. In this case, the ball is attached to the dial alone to form the head of the panther. Because these dials are handmade, each one is slightly different. The 42 mm case is 18k yellow gold with 124 diamonds. The cape is inlaid with a sapphire card. There are 43 diamonds on the 18k gold buckle. The Round Blue De Cartier granules contain an automatic caliber 049 MC and have a dark blue strap with a matching dial background.

The Cartier Panthere isolieuse pendant is a one-of-a-kind jewellery. It is made of white gold with agate, agate and obsidian dials and a total of more than 17 carats of diamonds. Cartier Panthere’s mystery pendant contains a hand-made wound caliber 9981 MC, which is a mysterious movement that moves between sapphire crystals. The 18k white gold case and bracelet are set with 1256 diamonds and set with 16.25 carats of diamonds. There are five triangular diamonds weighing a total of 1.25 carats and a long stick diamond cut into 0.05 carats. Pear-shaped emeralds are set in the eyes.

The price of this pendant depends on your requirements. The price of Cartier Pantheres et Colibri is $188,000, the price of Cartier Panthere mystery ieuse is $173,000, and the price of Cartier Bleu de Cartier granules is $156,000.