Cartier Santos De Cartier Skeleton Watch Will Be In Person In 2018

Here are some questions to consider: When was the luxury watch recently offered by a big brand looking really more expensive than the actual price? Although it was not cheap to imagine, but from a distance, Cartier Replica Santos de • The price of the Cartier Santos De Cartier steel skeleton seems to be twice the price tag. Unfortunately, it is not as good as it might be.

Is the price below $27,000 too expensive? Or is this the cheapest Cartier steel watch with a wide skeleton and modern size in this century? When I looked at the same refinement The steel bracelet and case at $6,900 “ordinary” Santos also introduced the SIHH in 2018 along with this piece, the other array of Santos covered hands, I think the near-27 is great. However, when I saw the overall impact of the extensive bone dial, I suddenly remembered the price of the recent Cheap Cartier Replica Watches (!) Oh, yes, the song was initially priced at $25,300, but is now priced at $26,800. Maybe I am alone, but in any case, $25,000 sounds more competitive than $27,000.

So what’s the significance of this new work? I have to say that such watches are not something you can see on a Cartier brand watch every day – when they appear, they are priced at up to five digits. The limited edition also has only two digits. Cartier Replica Watches was clearly aware of his potential in the manufacture of steel plates and bridges, and was mad with an established hand-roller caliper. Cartier didn’t say this but they didn’t need it because I had the intuition that every opportunity would not be a brand new sport but a hollowed-out existing path – many smart moves to reduce costs and final prices.

Therefore, I found that the 1961 Steel Cartier MC Cartier Catheter Santos de Cartier skeleton is based on the 96-year xx MC movement family (I don’t know if this caliber is called until now, but the layout of the bridge and skeleton tells me that it must be based on existing s things). Just look at the 9602 MC and you’ll see exactly the same layout, keyless pieces, gears, jewels, screws, etc. – although that special sport has a big date feature installed on its dial side, back The board looks the same.

Curved crystals do not provide the best viewing experience. I have found that, in some ways, it is distorted, or just not sharp – not because of its curved shape, but because of its overall quality, it cannot be as clear as other watches such as Grand Seikos. Feeling. I shot more than 70,000 photos with the same camera and lens settings (thousands on the previous camera), and I can tell when I messed up my photos, when did the crystal Not so good.

The closer you are to the end, the better the end. That’s because from a distance, the first impression is a machined look, and the extensive brushed surface and industrial atmosphere are peeping through you from the inside with grey wheels, gears and springs. However, English is doing very well, even though it has a noticeable mechanical appearance. If these are done by hand, Fake Cartier Watches has accepted my apology, perhaps invited us to go there to make and see these…because if I follow the shiny line along the edge of the board I see a CNC The machine runs along them – not an artisan who manually polishes the sides, sits there, gadgets. However, it has to be said that even in very high-end shards from some high-end brands (big or other), angage pre-rendered very capable CNC machines became more and more ubiquitous in the industry – and the edges were only touched and polished. In ultra-high-end products, you can see sharp internal corners, two corners come together to form a point, unlike the round, numerically controlled corners that can be seen on many watches – including this one .

The Cartier Santos De Cartier skeleton is decorated with two quite interesting details, including the brushed surface – and the sides of the entire dial – reflecting the color of the ambient light. This is certainly not a new phenomenon, but to a certain extent it is worth noting here is worth mentioning; you will see it in the two pictures above. In my opinion, there is a very unpopular thing, I guess I am nitpicking, that is, a small cam between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock – on the right side of the dial in the above picture. I know that it’s challenging to make such small and fragile things look good, but here it is in sharp contrast to the impressive cutting index and the size of the plate.

Now let’s look at a more subjective question: proportion and wear resistance. Maybe it’s just because I really like the little red gold Santos, but I find it hard not to see this huge model, its filigree dial and huge bunker-like shell mixed together. This watch feels heavy and flat, so when it is well placed on the wrist, I am confused as to why Swiss Cartier Watches did not replace this action with the smaller (ie “medium”) steel case that they introduced this year. . From the action point of view, it is obviously a versatile, therefore, its caliber is small. Look, everything is very close. Cartier is very smart in this regard, so they can use this layout, despite having a resizing bridge in smaller watches. I think this kind of love for such a big case is a bit of a thing of the past, and those brands, including Cartier’s own haute horlogerie watch department, may create extremely complex and absolute Oversized watch. This kind of exercise, even (or I should say: especially) in this skeletal object, if there is no shiny metal around, it looks more tidy.

– 2018’s new-Santos lineup left us with a deep impression of the simplicity and high quality of the case and a lot of creativity and fascinating details – just like the integration of the border into the case, the curved and polished edges are neat Profiles, and the new QuickSwitch SmartLink system allow tool-free belt changes and bracelet adjustments (click here for more details). As I said above, maybe you can expect more when it comes to cases and bracelets, but another way of looking at it (several but it does work) is the case of basic models and the bracelets are so good that they don’t Highlighting so many watches, the cost is four times.

All in all, this is indeed a pretty bold way to dress up Santos – in my opinion, this is one of Cartier’s most powerful series. This case is a “big” type – the relationship between Cartier and the size definition inspired by clothing, I hope that one day will gradually accept. In this example, “big” means a 39.8 mm wide, 9.08 mm thick case – lug-to-lug which is definitely over 50 mm, which is really substantial, or I should say “big” Footprint. The hand is still petite – this is the hallmark of Cartier, and I hope this has become a thing of the past – especially those with the word “big” in their names. The 9611 MC has an impressive 70-hour power reserve, so I guess it should have a torque to carry a bigger hand. I have always liked how Cartier integrated the tiny Cartier text into his Roman numeral prints – perhaps the Cartier logo would appear better on the 7 or 8 point index. But I am nitpicking again.

In terms of size, first impression and overall design, this watch is too rough – but I think it’s crafted look, with the new and most popular small Santos (20tos) ) Compared to watches, it will be much better.

However, I think the overall direction we see here is good, and the Cartier Santos de Cartier skeleton is a step in the right direction. It reduces the stupid and expensive appearance to a very expensive price part – because yes, in my book, the latter is somewhat lower than the former. This action has been designed from the very beginning to be very compact, which means a lot of effort, but at least in my opinion, the creative department should be bolder in the choice of materials, sizes and colors. However, I think there will be more versions released soon. I just hope that there will be less violence and more classes.

The price of the Cartier Santos De Cartier steel frame is $26,800 – even at this price, I believe I will soon see many of these skeletons being worn out in the wild.

Cartier Oops And The New Les Must Collection?

The new Les Must collection from Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is a review of the old Les Must collection. “I think it started in the early 80s.” Not that the collection looks the same, but the name has been reused. Nothing. I believe this series is more “affordable” than most new Cartier products, as a way to help hedge large consumers ignore luxury purchases – the recession has really slammed the industry.

To make people excited about new products (or at least know that at the time), watch manufacturers need to advertise. This is very clear. How their ads vary greatly. I think most of it is junk. Never really make people excited about the product. At least no one likes me. I prefer to see items in the “natural environment.” Otherwise the watch manufacturer will actually do something very interesting, or just a weird thing. This is interesting because they are usually very conservative. At least Cartier Replica Watches is. Well, Cartier would hate me for saying this, but I think they are promoting the new Panther ads for the Les Must series. I mean the top ad.

I noticed the cute leopard cub and the leopard skin pattern and strap on the Les Must watch dial on the left. Although I realized that this is not a real panther, I still can’t help but think of these ads in my mind: “Hey kittens, you will eventually disturb your watch there.” Animal fur items are very angry, but in I placed a real animal next to an item of artificial animal fur in my mind. Maybe I am thinking about this, but in fact, the first thing I think about when I see this ad is “Really Cartier Replica – is the message you want to send?” I mean the panther is cute. It’s so cute – but I don’t know if I want to consider it’s fur being dug out and then “luxury” into a strap. A lower ad will at least take the watch out of the image. Anyway, I feel it’s all Photoshop… but it’s great to think that they have a real cub on the collection.

To make matters worse, some leopard cubs lose their spots when they grow up. So for the insider, the watch is actually saying, “I am imitating the little leopard fur.” ​​Although only some people will walk away with this message, if I review the Fake Cartier Watches advertising copy, I will point this out. . What is the news? Either use a kitten or fur watch in the ad, or not both. In addition, I like the Cartier advertising website. Big cats with jazz music and beautiful graphics walk in interesting fancy jewels. You can check it out on Cartier’s Les Must series mini website.

Cartier Astroregulateur Watch Flying In Space

2011 may be the Cheap Cartier Replica Watches of the universe. Last year’s Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon was so popular that there will be at least two new “Astro Boy” watches in 2011. One will be Calibre Astrotourbillon (with Rotonde’s existing sports), and This is a completely different thing. The “Astroregulateur” (Astroregulator) has a connection to the automatic rotor escapement – this is the dial-in installation.

The concept is confusing if you don’t see it. Fortunately, there is a short film of SJX purists on YouTube that we can check and confirm how I thought the sport worked. This is part of Cartier Replica Watches that does not allow the fight to show the world how many watch nerds they can offer – and the style of lovers.

The Astroregulator is a disc-type escapement and subsidiary that freely rotates the rotor. The hand of the second is still dialing every minute, but the dial itself is rotated. According to Cartier Replica, this system should work much like the Tubulun Rotating Mechanism in theory (only in the theory itself works more or less. The escapement is adjusted in a vertical position. With the system, gravity makes it point out “up The watch is in a vertical position. These are important when the watch is aligned horizontally.

Zenith’s Christophe Colomb looks at the same principles of works, but looks in any direction. Fake Cartier Watches may be more wear-resistant, although the two watches are not completely trying to compete with each other (as far as I know). The interior sports watch manufactures the Cartier MC 9800. Great, this is an automatic (咄, rotor in front), and an upper dial with a time dial eccentric. 80 hours of athletic power reserve. Behind the Astroregulator is the theme of the good double Cartier “C”.

I still love Cartier’s signature looking for its internal sports watch. They use engraving and applying a black dial to make them popular. There is no doubt that Astroregulator is not a breeze to read, but such a collector’s article should not be clear to Mr. I really look forward to seeing this think in action!

What fascinates me is that these high-tech watches look like Cartier’s style. There are a lot of Cartier DNA in these very high-end manufacturing moving parts, but the design is more advanced and complex – the future of Cartier!

Look big in the case of 50 mm wide! Cartier, quite large. It has a niobium-titanium situation. Not sure, allowed, but I will find out soon. Look at the crown is a cabochon in titanium or 18k white gold sapphire crystal. Best Cartier Replica Watches is limited to producing 50 pieces of Astroregulator. Not sure about the price now. The belt is a black crocodile (because I know you care).