Cartier Crash Skeleton Extra Large Platinum Replica Watches For Discount

The Cartier Crash Skeleton Extra Large ref. 3740 (WHCH0007) Replica in platinum – with its red cabochon-cut rubies being the unmistakable hallmark of Cartier’s platinum watches – is a discreet and exclusive creation. This special-order model has never been made available to the public and is only available to a carefully selected group of top clients at Cartier London.

The skeletonized version of the platinum Crash debuted in 2014. The Luxury Cartier Replica Calibre 9618 MC features a 28 × 45 mm case crafted in luxuriously polished platinum. The cabochon-cut sapphires might lead you to believe this is a white gold watch, as these days, the rubies mark the fact that the case is made of platinum. The highlight of this watch is most likely the 9618 MC movement inside.

The bridges of the 9618 MC, which double as the Roman numerals on the dial, are delicately chamfered, looking subtle yet spectacular. The Cartier Replica Watches Shop is thin at 9.2mm thick, partly because the manual-winding movement is only 3.85mm thick. Cartier made only 67 Crash Calibre 9618 MCs.

It turns out that this watch is indeed genuine… and rare. The Cartier Replica in the photos is in excellent condition and comes with box and papers. Moreover, its owner is a true James Bond fan who picked up the 07/10 when he had the chance in 2017. In addition to the cabochon-cut ruby ​​on the crown, this 2017 version of the skeletonized Crash also shows off some small sapphires surrounding it.