Important Early Cartier Men’s Watch

Most watch enthusiasts know a pioneer of Cartier Replica Watches, especially men. Until the 20th century, any real “mass production” of watches and watches from the pockets would not happen overnight. The Cartier watch market is still a very rich product when it enters. Small mechanical movements are still quite bizarre, and a timer is still a serious (necessary) investment for most mainstream consumers. In a special Cartier exhibition located in the Grand Palace in Paris, we were able to view some of the earliest Cartier watches.

When a watch begins to live in the eyes of the public it is primarily considered a female item. An extended bracelet, the watch is considered delicious, much like jewelry. Even so, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches believe in the future. Cartier watches began to produce the first men’s watches in the first decade of the 20th century and the 1900s. What you see here is a series of early Cartier watches Cartier acquired from as early as 1911. Despite the records indicating that Cartier began producing watches from men as early as 1904.

It is said that Fake Cartier Watches first produced watches for friends and pilots Alberto Sandos Dumont who wanted to see him when he was flying. It was less than a year after the aviation even started, the Wright brothers flew the first power flight in 1903. It was 1904, Cartier Sandos Dumont. Unfortunately, the actual block of Cartier for Sandos Dumont (its style of life in today’s Santos and Santos Dumont collection watches) has been drowned in the long river of history. However, Cartier did have a very early table from the 1912 Santos Dumont. Gold Square and Belt, one that can check the design has been going through for over 100 years.

· Santos Dumont represents a new type of design watch that has left the traditional round pocket watch. Square · Santos Dumont Table Cartier created the Tonneau table, after 1906, the tortoise. All early Cartier watches (male and female) feature tanneau (tubular), square, or rectangular case designs. The year before production · Sandos Dumont, Cartier Tonneau watch from 1911. Still in gold, the dial has a beautiful light-linked ring engraved on other popular Cartier products.

I am interested in the unique Cartier crown showing so early. The sapphire crystal is round and looks like a symbol of regular imitation and Cartier in modern times. These timepieces quickly provide a lovely restraint in modern design. At the time Cartier Replica was more minimalist to adopters and cleaners in all their aesthetic creations. Logically, the company has long accepted the Art Deco and Art Deco interpretation timers to create more simple style jewelry and clocks than other items they created.

Another thing I found interesting was the consistency of traditional Cartier dialing. Today we call it traditional of course but looking at these clocks you see a simple flick, dedication pomme-shaped blued-steel hand, dedicated and Roman numeral hour markers. There is a place where you can observe a small number of design experiments except the shape – pay attention to the nuances of style how to present their logo across various watches Cartier. It was obvious in the early days that Swiss Cartier Watches mostly liked clean serif fonts, but there were some experimental cursive texts.

The cornerstone of Cartier’s watch collection cabinet. Cartier’s very early tanks from 1920 despite the first cabinet released earlier were the First World War in 1917. Although the details are not entirely clear, most seem to think that Louis Cartier’s design was inspired by the tank track that he observed during the First World War that production was slow during the war, but production accelerated after 1919. Changes that have collected many successful tanks can be purchased today from Cartier.

The 1920 tank is an amazing modern cleaning brush with a platinum line matching the belt. Maybe too small for today’s taste, it means that modern watch lovers will definitely wear it softly. Another interesting watch is a water tank traffic line (Louis Cartier) that began in 1925. Originally launched in 1922, this tank traffic line is rare in platinum and platinum bracelets.

Another unique early tank is the 1924 tank Cintree which represents an example of a slender rectangle. The case is also curved, only in precious metals. In fact these watches are only available in gold or platinum – it is not uncommon to whom to buy watches.

The most exclusive history timer in this collection is a repeating Cartier turtle minute from 1928 (minute repeater). In the case of Tortue-style, the simple Cartier dial is located in a one-minute repeater motion. Cartier did not produce sports until a long time ago and the favorite brand was a small mechanical sports watch that was used to start production with a special supplier. These are diverse, including brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre suppliers.

Cartier undoubtedly represents a lasting style and elegant timepiece. What I found so impressive was that the core was designed a long time ago almost as when they started making clocks. Indeed, women’s jewelry works they try more about design, but when it comes down to it, Cartier not only invented the watch, but also set the tone for the eternal watch design. Early Cartier watches were extremely rare, mainly collectors and Cartier themselves enthusiastically getting whatever they could find. They still represent a very important and important part of the men’s watch we know about it.